Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pruning the Dead Wood

One of the most challenging tasks facing entrepreneurs is how to deal with customers who are ether difficult or are non performing. Speaker Dan Kennedy says you should fire 10% of your customers every year. If 80% of your money comes from 20% of your customers you should reduce the balance and focus where the greatest success is.

Recently I decided to do just that. I decided to clean up my company books for a year and put on notice about 20 Lifetime Members from our family that were no longer meeting their commitments. Two things will happen. Either they will pull their act together and play a more committed game or they will voluntarily leave in which case they were never serious about being part of our community. There are a couple who will break my heart if they leave. However if the training room is limited by some of the slowest students then those who are not committed will drag the high performing students down.

We have our highest performing students coming to Certification training in early January and that is going to be amazing. To find out more about visit Facilitator Certification.

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