Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Database Driven Company

Part of my background was owner of a software company called Leiton Enterprises. I have been programming computers since the age of 13. I LOVE to program however after starting my computing company I soon realized I did not want to keep relearning new tools every couple of years so I moved onto real estate.

With Frontier Trainings growing so quickly I had to relook at my decision not to write the software to manage it. I had committed to myself that I would no longer program as it would take me away from focusing on building the business. After 16 months of data being acculumated and with the rapid growth I really got to see that not having a centralized, managed database was going to become a very costly venture for the company.

Bottom line, over Christmas I broke out my programming tools and wrote the base of the software for the company what will work for the next couple of years. It is networkable and multi user and will allow us to manage one of the biggest challenges in the industry which is the building of a solid system to handle the growth of a seminar company on the rise. It is a big challenge for me to do but well worth it.

Having an IT core backbone is critical for any company that seeks to deliver a quality long-term solution in this industry.

We will see you soon on coming events.

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