Sunday, December 16, 2007

Introduction to 'My Frontier Family'

Welcome. This Blog has been setup to share with our growing Frontier Family around the world some of the backgrounds about what is happening, where I get the inspiration from to create such life changing games and courses and what is really important to me. This company has evolved over a number of phases to its current form. It is a training company that is designed to teach business and investing through games and simulations.

The company is already world-standard in its creation and execution of games. The largest it has run is 1300 people. As the lead trainer I have spoken overseas in this year alone in China, Malaysia, Singapore, Scotland, Spain, Australia, Canada, South Africa and the USA. I love to travel and love to share the lessons I have learned with my students. I am building a Championship Team, man of whom you will meet over the coming weeks.

Our courses are unique in they are heavily based on immersive learning meaning we change the room look and feel. This is done through physically rearranging the room, changing the lighting, the music and the trainers and staff dress in different costumes to assist in creating a different environment. This is called 'Experiential Games Technology' and created powerful and life-changing results in the students. Each game or process gets taught by a different 'character' or personality and as a result I have an extensive Faculty of teachers who turn up to support the courses. Here is a sample of the Faculty.

Some of the characters are hilarious, others demanding and powerful and others just off-the-wall but each has a distinct purpose and lessons to share.

Our introductory course is called 'Play To Win' and is offered at no charge to business owners and investors to come and check out what we are doing and see if it can add value. If it can we invite them to join our Lifetime Membership program and become a part of our Frontier Family.
Thank you for reading this entry and I look forward to meeting you (again) soon,


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