Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Frontier Christmas Party

We decided to have a quiet Christmas party this year with all the core team in San Diego. To honor the greatness of Hee Go Lo we decided to go to a Chinese Restaurant. Chin's Seafood and Grilll was relaxed and excellent. Present was Clinton, Kelley, Aidan, Neil (as Santa Rayz), Carol, Lynn, Andre, Marv and Peter. We shared some food together and then sat and talked about the direction of the company and how to make some major improvements.

We looked at how far we have come since we started just over 16 months ago on this path of experiential training and teaching everything through games and wardrobe and characters. We are already getting known as the number one expert in the world at creating games and the buzz out in the industry is that our students are constantly raving about us. Students are getting to be excited about what we are doing and are looking forward to being part of our family.

Were will we be in a years time. Wow. Ideally between 800 to 1000 Lifetime Members, with a worldwide base of 30 countries and a family that is truly global and loves to come and spend time together. We are going to be making it harder for people to join us and what we are doing so that we only have the right people.

This Christmas Party was small. Next year will be an entirely different picture. Thank you for taking the time to follow what is happening with us and I look forward to sharing with you in the New Year.

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