Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Play To Win XIII

Welcome Back,

We just finished Play To Win XIII and I really got to see Andre shine. His work from the Certification courses TransBeing and KrystalKlear really is beginning to shine regarding stage presence. There is still a LOT of small pieces that need to be cleaned up but watching him up there managing my little baby is both empowering for me and a little scary as it shows just what is possible as this company grows.

Here is a picture of Andre as his new Marketing character Allesandro who works for Markus Atting. He is having a lot of fun playing all the different characters and really allowing himself to stretch and grow and expand into so many different roles.
I was fortunately to fins someone so open to growing, expanding and adapting as he is and I look forward to working with him for many, many years ahead.
I have a massive amount of work ahead for me especially with the creation of Spirit of Greatness coming up very shortly. This program will be incredibly valuable for our conmunity as it is going to lock in their contracts and be something they can use for years and years and become a core part of who they are.
We also finalized our schedule for the entire year and will be running 50 multi-day events over the coming year which is very, very exciting. Speaking of exciting we have more news. WE have two new people that are looking like they may consider coming on board. We have a lot of work to do to get them to that point but it is exciting as our team grows and builds.
We had ten new lifetime members join us from this event and possibly a couple more as we move forward. I look forward to when we have 100 new lifetime members join us on board in a weekend. Our goal is to hit Lifetime Member 1000 this year.
That is it for now. Lots to get done. Post again soon,

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